An Orthodox Response to
The Gospel of Judas


An Orthodox Response to
The Da Vinci Code


  1. Canon of Scripture: Introduction
    Presbytera Eugenia Constantinou

    The Bible was not written by one person or all at one time. It is a collection of books composed by different authors at different periods of time for different historical purposes... Read More »


  2. A Gospel In THe Gospel of Judas?
    Rev. Dr. Theodore Stylianopoulos, Th.D.

    Casting Judas not as a culpable betrayer, but as an intimate friend and collaborator of Jesus, the recently announced Gospel of Judas has understandably generated a stir...Read More »


  3. Jesus Laughing: The “Gospel” of Judas?
    Father Steven Tsichlis

    This past Thursday, April 6th, the National Geographic Society published an English translation of an ancient Gnostic text called The Gospel of Judas, and then followed this up with a television special that aired the following Sunday, April 9th...
    Read More »



  1. The Da Vinci Code Movie (Not Based on a True Story)
    Fr. Angelo Artemas

    It has been three years since Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code first became a bestseller, and fascination with the novel has led to a movie produced by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks...Read More »

  2. What are the Apocrypha and the DaVinci Code Claims?
    Presbytera Eugenia Constantinou

    In general, "apocrypha" refers to books that were rejected from the canon of Scripture. But the term has different meanings depending upon if it is applied to the Old or New Testaments and whether Catholics, Protestants or Orthodox Christians use it...Read More »

  3. The DaVinci Code: Fact or Fiction?
    Rev. Deacon Evangelos Evangelidis

    Many people are intrigued by the claims presented about Jesus Christ, Church history, and Christianity in Dan Brown’s best selling fictional thriller, the Da Vinci Code. It has been an extremely popular novel which has sold over 30 million copies world wide and has been translated into many languages. The Da Vinci Code has also been turned into a major motion picture staring Tom Hanks...Read More »

  4. Embracing the Mystery Behind the Cross and Scrapping the Da Vinci Code
    Rev. Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMF

    There is a book that has captured the world’s attention called, The Da Vinci Code. This book is a work of fiction, but many are arguing that it is based on certain secrets that have been suppressed for centuries by the Catholic Church...Read More »

  5. The Christ Code: Sermon on the Myrrhbearing Women Sunday
    Rev. Dr. Dimitru Machaila

    It has been called a brainy thriller. Exceedingly clever! A gripping mix of murder and myth! A spellbinding re-examination of 2,000 years of Christian history! You’ve probably read it: The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown’s popular page-turner soared to the top of The New York Times best-seller list, and became the topic of heated conversations in book clubs and Bible studies across the country...Read More »

  6. The DaVinci Code: The X-Files of Ancient Lies
    Rev. Dr. Frank Marangos

    The early Church spent much of its time debunking heresies. Wrestling with the chaos of contending beliefs the Church was compelled to differentiate itself between Marcionism, Arianism, Nestorianism and other ancient lies by legitimately formulating its theological views through the gathering of both clergy and laity in Ecumenical Councils...Read More »

  7. The Da Vinci Code: Decoding the Agenda
    Father Theodore Stylianopoulos, Th.D.

    Literature and film, as all art, do not merely entertain.  It is in their nature to convey the principles and values of their creators and so they instruct in subtle or not-so-subtle ways.   Much has been written and said about Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.  Soon the film based on this book will be released. Potential viewers, as they evaluate the film for themselves, ought to be mindful of the whopping historical falsehoods on which the book is based...Read More »

  8. Debunking The Da Vinci Code
    Father Steven Tsichlis

    The Da Vinci Code is a murder mystery shrouded in a conspiracy theory, a novelistic thriller, an airplane book, the kind of book you read when you want to waste time, an easy read that combines a fast narrative pace with short chapters...Read More »