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Create, edit and manipulate text blocks. Create, edit and manipulate a variety of text objects from a single interface. (video: 1:07 min.)Improvements to Drawing, Drawing Tools and Sharing:The 2017 Summer Update to AutoCAD brought many useful and exciting enhancements to AutoCAD. Now, with the AutoCAD 2023 update, we are excited to announce even more enhancements that are making AutoCAD even more useful.Drawing ChangesUsing the new Batch Layers and Object Ordering feature, it is now much faster to delete layers and rearrange layers in your drawings.The new Draw Increments feature allows you to draw more accurately by setting increment distances on each axis.You can now plot multiple object types using a single command to create polyline and polygon objects in one command.Drawing Tools EnhancementsThe new circular fill command fills shapes using a circular pattern. The new mirror command allows you to mirror your objects when drawing.The new arc fill command fills shapes using an arc pattern.The new text command allows you to edit the text in any object.The new polyline highlight command highlights objects that are made up of a polyline or polyline segment.The new aligned fill command is a new fill tool for printing business cards.The new box and boundary draw commands allow you to create boxes and boundaries.Annotation EnhancementsThe new annotation command allows you to annotate a drawing with text, arrows, callouts, images, and more.You can even create interactive annotation to have users enter information while the drawing is displayed.Enhancements for Designers and EngineersThe new Project Manager allows you to create and manage multiple projects in a single drawing.The new AutoSnag utility will help you fix your drawings and get them back to work quickly.New Sharing EnhancementsThe new sharing panel has been expanded to show more details about the sharing options available for your drawings.Designers and engineers can now easily share their projects with people outside of their company.The new File Transfer Utility (FTU) provides you the ability to easily transfer files in a single click.The new Sharing Manager (SM) is an interface to manage who can access your drawings, the status of your drawings, and how you want your drawings shared.The new Att 2be273e24d


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